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Ever wonder what size your BP *should* be?


There is no "Right" answer. I've been documenting monthly weights on 20 baby ball pythons hatched in 2003.  It appears there is a LARGE potential variance in "Normal" weight at different months.  This is NOT a scientific study, but it is some interesting observations.

Click here to see my Average BP weight charts

I weigh every snake every month


Click here to read about my WC balls

Purchased a WC Ball and now it won't feed?
Click here to see what I've learned


Melamine racks are VERY heavy!  I added wheels

Click here to see larger pic of backboard with insulation

I built home made breeder racks out of 3/4" melamine for my ball pythons. 

Thanks for the Idea Marcus Jayne!  These racks work great!

Several people have asked me how to keep the heat in the rack.  I use foil insulation on the back board and put the heat tape on top of the insulation.


Working on an incubator~ still a work in progress!

Need resources?

The Ball Python Manual is the perfect beginners book. 


This is NOT a pic of the Ball Python Manual, use the link to the right!

You can purchase valuable resources like The Ball Python Manual at:

The Snake Keeper


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