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This is an old piano that was in Scott's Grandfathers house.  When Grandpa Marchek passed away Scott's Aunt asked if I could refinish it.  I cheerfully volunteered.  I had NO CLUE how much work was involved!  I hated this piano more days than not~ but I'm glad I took the task on.  It's certainly a family heirloom now!


We don't know how long Grandpa Marchek had the piano~ but we do know he was not the original owner.  While working to strip the black and orange paint I discovered that the piano had been green and gold before being painted black.  I also discovered through various dates and serial number found on the piano that the Piano is an Aeolian brand.  The case and bench were manufactured in 1906.  The piano plate was manufactured in 1920.  The keys were manufactured in 1936.  My understanding now is that the keys are most likely ivory.  Wish I'd know that before I used sandpaper to remove the black paint and years of grime from what I thought were plastic keys!  Oh well~ live and learn and hopefully not too much damage had been done to the keys if they are in fact ivory.



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