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Dec 2007 to Jan 2008

From Ebay to Emu
You really can buy ANYTHING on ebay!

OMG I am having so much fun at the new property! I know I've not been online here much~ that's mostly because my radio broadband connection flakes out at night when I used to get online. I'm still around though!

This new property is GREAT! another reason I've not been around is how much work it is! I've lost 20 pounds already! And not ONE inch off my waist where I would have liked to have lost it.....oh no.....I've literally worked my BUTT OFF! LOL! I've gone from Pear shaped to Potato shaped.....I'm pretty sure that's NOT an improvement...........LOL!

I've not gotten any new animals yet~ still researching what to get and how to care for stuff.....

But guess what I just found?
On EBAY naturally!

I can buy hatching chicken eggs and use the incubators I already own for the reptiles during the off season. Thats cool......
I can also buy Turkey eggs~ Cooler
200 quail eggs (CHEAP) ~ Very cool......sounds like fun AND Good Eats!
Goose eggs~ well that's neat

And get this~ FERTILE EMU eggs for hatching! LOL!
I don't want an EMU.......but I may have to buy those eggs anyway........I REALLY WANT TO HATCH AN EMU!! LOL! I've not bid on them yet.....but I'm itching too!

Scotts gonna be mad when he gets home! Maybe I should wait to tell him till the eggs start hatching (what does one do with 200 baby quail and 2 baby emu? Maybe I should find out before I buy the eggs.......)

I just ordered our very first "Livestock"~ 5 slate blue turkey eggs! I'm planning to buy some Royal Palm~ some geese~ and some chicken eggs soon too. I know hatching the eggs on my own may not be successful~ but it sounds like fun so I'm going to try that first~ then if I fail I can always order chicks this spring!

I did it~ I just bought an emu egg on ebay........
Should come in next week~ I paid the $12.95 shipping~ but it says the seller is in Alabama so I may ask his location and see if it would be reasonable for me to go pick it up.

I don't know if I can hatch it.....
But I couldn't help myself~ I tried but I couldn't. I bought the emu egg! LOL!

I got it! LOL! My very first stupid, impulse animal purchase since the move! I put it in the incubator with my Turkey and Chicken eggs just to take a pic of the size of it! It's HUGE! LOL! Don't worry though I'm not cooking in that incubator~ it's supposed to cook 2 degree's less than the chicken and turkey eggs and for another month. I know 2F isn't much......but I really want to hatch it! I hope I can! I'll let you know in 50-55 days!

BTW~ those other eggs~ did you know you can see baby chickens/turkeys moving in the eggs within like 5 days when you candle them? It's so cool! I'm having so much fun! But I doubt with that dark a shell on the Emu egg that I'll be able to see into it with my little flashlight~ maybe the maglight? We'll try next week.


The emu egg still has a month and half of incubation to go.......

But the Turkey eggs are rocking! You can see the eggs rock as the babies try to work a way out! Both the chicken and the Turkey eggs are due on the 31st~ I can't see anything happening with the chicken eggs~ but one of the Turkey eggs has a crack in it and two others are rocking!


Turkey hatching

Blue slate turkey poult

10 Chickens and 3 Turkeys (1 turkey and 5 more chicken eggs I'm hoping will hatch in incubator)

Tried candling the Emu egg.  Can't see ANYTHING
it looks like a giant avocado and it's shell is so thick I can't see inside~ even with a maglight. I have NO IDEA if it is alive or not. I just keep turning it!

The chickens and turkeys are all still alive (wow!) Getting BIG~ getting feathers! I'm moving them out of the aquariums in the kitchen and into cardboard box brooder in the garage today. We are gonna start building the hen house tomorrow so we have a few weeks to "get it right" before they move outside.

Thats it for Dec 2007 and Jan 2008~
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