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January 2012 till ???

Homestead Stuff!

Starting this page with January 2011 ending ????

Pics posted newest at the bottom~ so scroll down until you find the dates your looking for!

Belted Galloway cow
Pregnant with belted Calf
Asking $1000 
                  Bull Cookie is bred to                   

1/2 Belted 1/2 Dairy Heifer
Born July 2011

1/2 Belted 1/2 Dairy Heifer
Born Sept 2011
I've also got White Bearded Silkie chics for sale!  asking $2 each

Silkie Chick

Silkie Chicks

Silkie hen

Silkie hen

Silkie Rooster

Silkie Rooster









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Cheryl Marchek


 I know a lot of people prefer not to use yahoo.com addresses
But I've used this address for several years and am comfortable with it
We can exchange phone numbers if a deal is in progress


Please do not take my photo's as your own.
They were a lot of work for me to get decent photo's

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